Provider Terms

Class providers who submit their offerings to Seattle After School Enrichment are not employed or contracted by Seattle After School Enrichment or the Bryant PTSA.  We provide this site as a service to you so that you may present your classes to parents of students and take registrations.

By using this site you agree to:

  1. Update and provide proof of liability insurance, government issued ID, and background check.
  2. Provide all required information such as class descriptions and instructors by established deadlines.
  3. Provide ASE coordinator with signed behavioral contracts within two weeks of class start date.
  4. Assume complete responsibility for all students in my class until each student has been picked up by an authorized adult or dropped off/signed in at LASER or another ASE class.
  5. Maintain positive, healthy relationships and appropriate touching standards with all students before, during and after class times.
  6. Communicate with families and ASE Coordinator regarding my class registration, fees, schedule, and policies regarding pick up, health care, and student behavior.
  7. Pick-up/sign out and drop-off/sign in students enrolled in LASER childcare.
  8. Never be alone in a non-public space with students, including bathrooms.
  9. Stay with all students at all times, including during LASER pick-up and drop-off.
  10. Not give candy or snacks to students.
  11. Not give gifts to students.
  12. Accept that the ASE Coordinator determines and evaluates which classes are appropriate for the program. Any change or addition MUST be submitted/requested in writing and approved by the ASE coordinator. The ASE will diligently work to find space classes. Due to limited space there is no guarantee that a class will return as location is determined each session.

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